Silence is my Enemy

See where the Hypercray is mentioned in the Book Not Sand Not Sound.



“Hello. It is me,” I say.

The officer, a super hourglass 34-16-36, looks up and smiles. “Noob42?”

I shake head. “That’s my editor, the greatest editor of all times.” The officer types something in her patio. Of course she did not type and also it is not a patio; it is something you just don’t know right now, so let me call it how I like.

She looks up and says, “People.” I know that is one of the random phrases for a SAS-test.

I answer, “Insanlar,” and I wait.

“Are you a Muslim?” she asks. I wondered for a moment if she was human and thought that maybe they had dumped her like a de-louser to the bureau, but she couldn’t be one, or?


“Silence is my enemy,” I say.

She points to the Voigt-Kampff machine to take place at. I take the seat and move my head forward. The actuator snaps to keep my eyelids open so the scan of my iris can be done. The machine begins its artificial breathing. I am prepared for all the questions in the database. I learned them all. Some of them come up in my mind. Like the two in Orphan Black testing one of the remaining Castors:


Some poisons are pills.

All pills are purple.

Conclusion: All poisons are purple.

True or false?


Some fowls have feathers.

Some feathers are brown.

Conclusion: All fowls are brown.

True or false?


I will have to click a button and say True or False. I hear the first one.


Some rivers have fish.

All fish eat coins.

Conclusion: No coins left.

True or false?


When the balloon opens again for the vent to take another breath I see a logo. It is the logo of Cray Industries. We at the NGA use a Hypercray 7 for bit mining to get the last few thousand coins left on the 21,000,000 bit coins in total. I once wrote a program in python to calculate the exact number. There will be always 3 bitcent left as the correct maximum is 20,999,999.9769 bit coins. I feel some relief, known technology, known algorithms. Fishing and mining is connected, in some areas both terms are interchangeable, but not when it comes to the last fish and to the last coin. I click ‘False.’

The next question is not in the database. I don’t make any move. I wait. The question is repeated. She says,


“Some bunnies are hares.

All hares are rabbits.

Conclusion: All rabbits are bunnies.

True or false?”


The bunny is a key word in The Gods of Informatics and it is widely discussed if it stands for the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland or if it has reality for the author. I need to say ‘True’, but would it be true outside Alice? The question is where I am now. Shall I make my iris respond? The question is repeated for the third time, “Conclusion: All rabbits are bunnies. True or false?”

I don’t let my iris change. I don’t speak either.


The Voigt-Kampff machine beeps. She stands up and says, “Passed.”

I was about to say in disbelieve ‘I passed?’, but to show insecurity now would be not good at all. Who knows maybe the reaction on getting the message ‘Passed’ is the test …

So I just nod. I notice in her smile that she knows that I have no clue. “You faced your demons,” she says.


I stand up and say to her, “Silence was your enemy.”

“Oh,” she mumbles. “I waited for you.” I see tears running down her face. She adds, “My entire life.”


I stand frozen like a stupid guy, feeling like a toddler with no clue of life. You may say an old man describes me better. I am old in numbers yes, but not old in any other terms. She notices that I don’t get it; I often don’t get it with women.

She says, “Do you have your book written?”

I nod.  I have no clue what to say now, so I say, “Is it you bunny?”

She places her finger to my lips. I understand the room is supervised. She applies the neuronal stamp on my skin and points at a detail on it. There is a chip implanted. It is a NOR gate.

“Meet you at the Gate of Nor,” she whispers and looks at her watch. “In ten Ahn.” She is gone, disintegrated. I stand in the office. I have my stamp and an inverter. I can switch between Sane and Sound and Not Sane and Sound. I have Ten Ahn left.


How to end this chapter, as it is the beginning, giving you a fair chance to verify that I am now Sane and Sound and that it is on me to click for a change? Shall I risk saying what brought me here? I remember a saying that the truth always comes out, always and in all ways.

Later when you have internet access you may check-out that the Gate of Nor exists and that it is connected to: